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About Us
About Us

About Indian Petro Group:

Indian Petro Group (IPG) is India's largest news, information and market intelligence provider in the Indian Oil & Gas, Power and Fertilizer Sectors. We provide niche business information, 5 days a week, in India through our exclusive, industry specific portals:

8Oil and Gas - 
8Power - 
8Fertilizer - 
8Petrochemical -

We have a countrywide network of journalists, analysts, editors and scouts who provide detailed information on a daily basis on these sectors. Our reporters are constantly striving to pick out critical information from key decision-makers. The information is then distilled by our in-house group of editors and analysts before it is uploaded on our websites.

We have also created the country's most comprehensive database on each of these sectors in our verticals. There are times we upload up to 500 pages of data, news and analysis every day into each of our sites. All of our information is exclusive and available nowhere else in the Indian media.

The Indian Petro Group mission:

8To have strategic knowledge of the subscriber's market-place and to interpret, and reflect upon, all implications and opportunities resulting from the dynamics of the market-place


This is our largest website with around 200,000 pages of data, news and analysis on the petroleum sector. It provides a 360-degree perspective on the rapidly changing scenario in the exploration, production and refining sectors of the Indian hydrocarbon industry.

Real time updates on industry events: The website keeps daily track of all decisions taken in the sector. Our analysts provide same-day, behind-the-scene analysis of all major decisions and their impact on the companies operating in this sector.

Exhaustive coverage of Key Projects: Our analysts monitor all major hydrocarbon projects on a real time basis. All contracts are monitored -- from the time a tender is floated, to the time it is awarded, up until the time that the project is commissioned. We keep track of roughly Rs 100,000 crore worth of projects in the hydrocarbon sector on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

We provide detailed data on a weekly and monthly basis all current drilling wells in E&P properties across India. We track all exploration blocks, in terms of gas and oil production and sales. On the refining front, we monitor supplies of crude -- both imported and indigenous -- on a regular basis. We also report extensively on ongoing refining projects. Output from existing refineries are tracked every month alongwith sales data across different companies and different productions.

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